Accreditation to Part 3 of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Languedoc Nature has been certified by the  « European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas.»

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What is the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism ?

  •     a charter in ten principles, created by Europarc, the Federation of European Protected Areas, signed by more than 130 protected areas, including 26 in France
  •     whose vocation is to develop quality tourism in protected areas with respect for people and their environment

Being certified under the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism is a recognition of our commitment to sustainable tourism, a testament to the confidence that Nature Parks have in our company and its approach.

Our stays, created in partnership with the Nature Parks, combine beautiful landscapes, discovery of exceptional natural and cultural heritage and outdoor activities. We also meet and exchange with the men and women who live these territories on a daily basis.

Stays 100% Natural Parks and naturally sustainable development.


The 10 principles that guide our partnership with the Natural Parks :


1/ Involve all those involved in the management and development of tourism in and around the protected area.

2/ Develop and implement a sustainable tourism policy and an action plan for the protected area.

3/ To protect and implement the natural and cultural heritage of the protected area, for and through tourism, to protect it from abusive tourism development.

4/ Offer visitors a high quality experience in all aspects of their visit 5/ Increase the benefits of tourism to the local economy

 6/ Promote specific tourist products that allow the discovery and understanding of this landscape.

7/ To deepen the knowledge of the protected area and the issues of sustainability among the stakeholders involved in tourism.

8/ To ensure that tourism supports, rather than diminishes, the quality of life of local people.

9/ Communicate effectively to visitors, tourism businesses and residents about the special qualities of the area.

10/ Monitoring and influencing visitor flows to reduce negative impacts


On 16 April 2014, Languedoc Nature obtained the approval of section 3 of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. We are one of the first 7 tour operators to be distinguished for our involvement in the promotion of responsible tourism in protected areas (Regional Natural Parks and National Parks).

- This approval was issued after a phase of identification and diagnosis of the travel operator who commits to a process of progress with the reference protected area manager.


The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) was drawn up as a contribution to Agenda 21, the United Nations' sustainable development programme, established at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

It aims to increase interest in and support for protected areas through the development of responsible tourism that respects the environment, inhabitants and local economic actors.

Section 3 of the ECTD specifically concerns travel operators who market stays in Regional Nature Parks (RNPs) and National Parks (NPs).

Languedoc Nature presented its application with the support of the Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses.


This distinction rewards our commitment to nature tourism through the NRP and PNR of Languedoc Roussillon and the southern Massif Central.

To date, 20 stays have been co-constructed (or evaluated). They are marked "in partnership with" the PNR des Grands Causses (4), the PNR du Haut Languedoc (5), the PNR des Monts d'Ardèche (5) and the Parc National des Cévennes (2).


This approval, which is renewable for a period of 3 years, commits Languedoc Nature to a process of progress through active collaboration with the tourism managers of the protected areas.

An annual report will be drawn up to report on the progress of this progress approach.