The Cevennes

he Cévennes is an emblematic geographical area in the south of the Massif Central. Straddling the departments of Gard and Lozère, they are characterised by schistose soil (particularly in the chestnut area), granitic soil (in the Mont Lozère and Mont Aigoual massifs) and limestone soil in the lower and southern parts. The Cévennes have a climate of contrasts: Mediterranean then becoming mountainous as you get closer to the summits. They are characterised by very heavy rainfall in spring and autumn, known as 'Cévennes episodes'.

The landscapes are spectacular with a nature that has remained very wild. Man has settled here using his ingenuity to "tame" the relief by cultivating on terraces, building a solid habitat, creating paths (drains) ... It is also a land steeped in history and resistance through the insurrection of the Camisards or the fierce struggle of the maquisards.

In the Cévennes you can go hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and in winter, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or cross-country skiing.


Across Causse Mejean in south Massif Central

Mountain bike from volcanoes to Mediterranean Sea through Cevennes
4 routes - 5 or 6 days or the whole lot (16 days)

Pedal in the Cevennes

Throughout Languedoc, Larzac, Gorges du Tarn and Cévennes in South France
7 days / 6 nights

on the way to the summit of Finiels (1699 m)

Hiking at the heart of the Cevennes National Park

5 days / 4 nights - 6 days / 5 nights - 7 days / 6 nights


St Guilhem le Désert mounts

On the ancient medieval way in Languedoc
14 days / 13 nights or 3 times 4 or 5 days

Sheep-tracks and transhumance in Cévennes

10 days / 9 nights or 11 days / 10 nights

Across Cevennes NP and RNP Grands Causses

Wild spaces of Causses and Cévennes

Endurance in fabulous landscapes

4 or 5 days


Les paysages ouverts des Causses et le site majestueux des Gorges du Tarn sont une invitation à la randonnée équestre


Between causses and Tarn Gorges

6 days / 5 nights



griffon vulture during flight

Griffon vulture, Golden eagle, Lammergeier, Short-toed eagle….
4 days/ 3 nights - New Holiday

Cross-Country ski initiation or improvement, alternating step, skate skiing, ice-skating step

Massif Central, Pyrénées Orientales and South Alps
Aubrac, Mézenc, Capcir, Haute Ubaye
5 days / 4 nights - 2020 Season

Walking within wide landscapes

Hike throughout steppes...

3 days / 3 nights