At Languedoc Nature...



We have chosen to offer you stays in Languedoc Roussilon and the south of the Massif Central, because we live there all year round. Artisans of the tourism of full nature, we create ourselves our stays. They are the fruit of frequent sightings and collaboration with our local partners.

During your stay, we would like to share with you the diversity of the landscapes, the beauty of the natural sites and the richness of the heritage and the terroirs. The notion of territory is essential for us and our stays are strongly impregnated with it.
Moreover, the defence of a certain ethic in our activity is essential and this is our daily driving force!
We are also committed to the promotion of "soft mobility" through the choice of activities that make up our stays and the awareness of the use of the train.


We have made our commitment concrete by joining the association V.V.E - "Voyageurs et Voyagistes Eco-responsables". On the initiative of mountain guides and "tourism practitioners", this association is defined by a charter for tour operators and travellers. It brings together professionals working for "alternative" tourism and concerned about applying eco-responsible principles.


Since 2014, Languedoc Nature has been approved under part 3 of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETD) in protected areas. This rewards our involvement in nature tourism and our commitment to responsible tourism in the Regional Natural Parks (PNR) and Cévennes National Park in Languedoc Roussillon and the southern Massif Central. To find out more: section 3 CETD.


Our commitment to responsible tourism

  • Respect for the environment
  • Social responsibility
  • Participation in economic relocation


Our stays

The conception of our stays is in line with the founding principles of ecotourism, namely respect and awareness of the environment associated with the enhancement of the local heritage & terroir.
We design the trips ourselves with the actors of the territory (guides, nature guides, producers, institutions...). The stays are the subject of spotting, meetings and fieldwork in order to bring you optimal satisfaction.


Our service providers

Like us, they are involved in their territory and have at heart to ensure you the best of services. We favour, above all, small independent structures seeking to develop projects on a human scale. They are all professionals who, on a daily basis, and depending on their activity, are committed to a qualitative approach: a sense of welcome, exchange and sharing of knowledge and know-how.


Our practices

If we do this job, it is because we appreciate our region and we wish to share our passion with you through the different themes proposed:


To make you discover the natural heritage of this region thanks to the naturalist guides established here. The stays take place in small groups and take into account the fragile balance of the sites visited.

Sports & nature
The practice of outdoor sports such as hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, snowshoeing or Nordic skiing are gentle approaches that we favour during most of our stays.
We practise these activities ourselves and the holiday offer is mainly based on personal exploration.
In addition to the "freedom formula", we offer "supervised formulas" in which local guides will introduce you to or improve your skills in the sport in question, while at the same time discovering the natural environment and the local heritage.

Discovery of the land and local products
Because we want to promote the different terroirs of our region and the specificity of local productions, we have chosen people who are willing to share the fruit of their work with you. The discovery of local flavours is also part of our activities.

Culture & heritage
Our tours take you to the heart of the cultural heritage of the Grand Languedoc by offering guided tours of sites, craft workshops, but also through practical courses (on request).