Snowshoe trekking Capcir - Catalan Pyrenees

Snowshoe trekking Capcir - Catalan Pyrenees

The mountain under the sun
5 days - 4 nights - Weekend
2020 Season

Capcir is a generously sunny Massif, offering numerous possibilities for snowshoe practice : ridges, plateau, valleys, or even upper lakes. You'll progress at your own pace with your local guide. At the heart of these natural spaces, you'll discover a great diversity of landscapes, you'll recharge and enjoy, without a doubt, the sensation of freedom offered by the Massif du Capcir.

Trip highlights: 

- Nordic atmosphere on the plateau du Capcir

- Upper lakes under snow & ice

- Ascent on mountain shelters

- Panoramas on the chaîne des Pyrénées

- your guide's gentle approach to the mountain environment



Guided formula


Snowshoe stay supervised by local mountain guide




From 400 to 3000 meters of altitude, discover magnificent landscapes whose varity expresses itself along the valleys located between sea and mountain.

Borders with Spanish Catalonia, the Pyrénées catalanes' language and traditions are still well and alive.
The Parc naturel régional offers you a playground and discovery ground for you family activities, and sportive, cultural and tasting activities.


Our engagement : The services (lodging, outdoor activities, local products,...) that composes the stay are majoritarly branded " Accueil du Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées catalanes".  This distinctive brand promotes the professionals engaged in a sustainable development approach allowing them to raise awereness about the environment of the visitors and make them discover the territory and the people living there.






Even if the stay isn't a sports trial per se, it is however advised that snowshoeing (for 3 to 6 hours) requires a minimum of stamina. A little bit of practice is advised. Walking, joging or a little bit of bicycling can be a good way of having enough stamina for this activity.


Departure for Capcir's heights and the upper lakes

We offer several formulas :


5 days / 5 nights - Snowshoe hiking in Pyrénées Catalanes


this stay is a real exploration of the Pyrénées Catalanes through snowshoeing.

It allows you to immerse yourself serenely in the Catalan mountain landscape with your guide. You'll benefit a soft approach with trails adapted to the discovery of the winter environment, exchanges and meeting.

The program :


Day 1 : Welcome, foretaste and program presentation.
The proposed trail is adapted to the weather condition of the day.

It is also an opportunity to get to grips with the equipment, to discover the environmnent and the country with an easy walk where each one will get the opportunity to introduce themselves.
1/2 day hiking - positive gradient 200m, distance 3km.


Day 2 : The Mont Llarett

Cable car approach then Mont Llarett ascent (2376m), completely outside the ski area. 360° panoramic break.

Flat and descending path for the rest of the trip, lunch taken on the lakes of Boutassous or the shelter of Balmette (unguarded) according to the weather condition. Way back to the village by a wild and descending path.
Positive gradient 350m, distance 12,5km.


Day 3 : 2 choices available

Hiking day - The col del Torn.
Departure from the small village of Caudiès de Conflent for an ascent to the col del Torn, breathtaking point of view on the Canigou and if the weather allows it, the Mediteranean Sea !

Lunch at the shelter or outside according to the weather condition. Way back in the forest to the lake of Caudiès.
Positive gradient 300m, distance 10km..



Resting day - Visit and heritage discovery in Cerdagne.
Departure to Puigcerda in Spain, visit, strolling… lunch in an institution of the city (at participants' expense).

Transfert to the village of Dorres, walk up to the Belloc chapel. Landscape reading, history of the country, the borders…
Descent and rest proposition to Dorres' Roman Baths (sup 5€/pers). Back around 17/18h.


Day 4 : The Camporells
Chairlift approach and departure at 2100m altitude. ascent on the Serra de Mauri, Breathtaking point of view on the Camporells and the summits around.
Descent to the frozen lakes, lunch at the Camporells'shelter (tartiflette).
Back to the station. Optional snake-gliss descent (5,5km of sled descent).
Positive gradient 550m, distance 14km.


Day 5 : The Bouillouses
Departura from the Pla des Aveillans, For an ascent to the many lakes of this area. Historical background of the area and its usefulness, the yellow train…
Lunch around the lakes or in Bouillouses'shelter according to the weather.
Way back in a descending path only.
Positive gradient 400m, distance 11km.


4 days, weekend or week - Family or constituted groups - Custom-made hiking stay

Outisde and during school holidays


We offer you a custom-made stay with snowshoe hiking for the whole day or 1/2 day as part of a themed outings program allowing you to discover the full extent of the Massif des Pyrénées Catalanes.


! Worth noting : In the case of an extended stay, you should know that we can concoct you a nordic&mountain multi-activities stay including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ski hiking... Don't hesitate !




2020 Season


From December to the end of March


Off-track snowhsoeing trail
Capcir, heaven for snowshoe hiking
Capcir, the sunny mountain of the Pyrénées Orientales
La prestation comprend

 Lodging in all inclusive inn, host room or gite (according to the formula).

• Snowshoes & sticks rentals

• Supervision by a mountain guide (snowshoe qualified).

La prestation ne comprend pas
Cancellation insurance (4,5%) & multi-risks
Personal spendings

We are all aware of the environmental impact of our car trips. Going to holidays produce a significant amount of CO2 notably when we drive for a fair distance for a change of scenery...

So if the "light mobility" tempts you, the Perpignan station and the Villefranche de Conflent (Yellow Train) station are here to welcome you. A minibus-taxi cab can eventually make the junction to your accomodation.

Simulate your train trip or contact us for any complementary information.